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MIS 330

The role of information technology in organizations. Overview of methodologies for design and development of systems including decision support systems, expert systems, data bases, end-user computing, etc. Computer applications relate concepts to practice. Lecture and laboratory work emphasizes the enabling role of IT in contemporary organizations.

MIS 432 - Computer Systems Analysis and Design

MIS 432 is the critical analysis of business processes, data and process modeling, feasibility studies, CASE tools, and developing system design specifications.

MIS 433 - Database Management Systems

MIS 433 is about database design, development, and implementation. Focuses on data models, both classical and object oriented. Uses relational and/or object oriented database management systems.

Iowa State University - Engineering Admissions Partnership Program

Since I was involved with technical communications I was tasked with creating a communications plan for our group and this was one of the projects that I was proud of.

English 314 – Technical Communications: 2011 S

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My Story

My Story

Hello, I believe with my experience at Daktronics and my previous employers that I have the ability to be a strong team player with my strategic business experience and leadership that I have brought to my positions. I have developed strong presentation and demonstration skills that have worked to my benefit with showing products and services along with quarterly management sales plan presentations. I have also learned to listen critically to the customer’s (internal or external) needs and wants and document them so I can present them to our engineering and project management teams to develop a solution for the customer. One of the reasons I was hired for Daktronics was for my technical capabilities that my education has taught me. I am able to successfully explain our systems set ups with the customer’s onsite systems for various applications such as parking, aviation, mass transit, and ITS (interstates and road ways). It’s up to me to work the funnel of opportunities and bring projects down through the funnel that are projects we can work on that are successful for everyone involved that will be profitable for Daktronics and our bottom line. With my background experiences that I got to experience at Iowa State, I feel very fortunate. I got to participate as the Business Analyst lead for our senior design project with Metro Arts. I worked hand-in-hand with my team of business analysts, the project’s project manager, the End User, and the lead software engineer and his team. The web application that we developed for Metro Arts was a dynamically driven application that enables teachers of the Des Moines area to find classes offered by Metro Arts’ artists and enroll their classes in those arts programs. Prior to this application the enrollment process took a lot of time and valuable resources to complete. The project overall was very successful and did meet the needs of Metro Arts. I have been successful in many of my past positions that I feel I can bring these skills and put them to work for you.

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