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Back at School!

What can I say…. Things have been going great here at Iowa State after taking a semester off for my internship opportunity. Right now I’m taking the last of my 24 credits as a senior in Management Information Systems. Depending on how you look at it, I consider myself lucky because the last of my credits are all major credits and classes that I’m really interested in and are for my major only.

After taking last semester off I got a taste of what the real world is like and to be honest, I loved a lot. I feel that those experiences are helping me a lot with my school work and I feel that I am able to balance school and work easier than before. Right now I am enjoying my new job here on campus and it has been teaching me a lot more about what actual game day production is like and how to use the equipment that I got to see on my internship.

Lots of things have started to come my way and  are getting a little stressful in the process. I am ready, and I have been making lists to get things accomplished like updating my  blog before the upcoming career fair. Honestly as of today, I have not researched into any positions but I plan to follow up with some companies that I talked to last semester I was here. I hope I can find another internship with another company this summer and prove to them that I can be what they need me to be. I guess we will see next Tuesday night at the MIS pre-career fair and Wednesday at the College of Business and LAS career fair.

Well I wish you all the best of luck and thanks for reading.

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Chicago Demo – Daktronics!

Hi Everybody!

I just got back from demo in Chicago. Below are some pictures of what we got to demo there. If you would like more information about Daktronics and the Vanguard Road show, please   visit Daktronics website at http://www.daktronics.com/ProductsServices/Products/ITS-Dynamic-Message-Signs/DMS-Road-Show/Pages/default.aspx

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Sorry for not posting in a while

Hello everybody! Well, I apologize for not posting in while. Well I thought I would give everybody an update . I have had a great first week at Daktronics. They are a great company and the opportunities we get as an intern is almost better than any other internship that I have ever applied or interviewed for. Due to the requirements of the internship I really can’t post much about what I am doing or what my day-to-day doings are. Sorry for that everybody and that even includes you too, mom. If there is really anything else on Daktronics I can include is that  I have no regrets on applying and working for them and I am also very thankful that I got an opportunity to work for them.  They have some of the most friendly and helpful staff that I have ever met.

Well I hope you and families have a great up coming weekend as it is Memorial Day weekend. Please take time to honor your veterans and also to those who have past away and remember what they did for you and our country. Right now is a great time to be an American.

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Beautiful day for two bike rides around Brookings.

Hi Everybody! Well I finally got to go for a the bike rides I wanted to around Brookings today. I didn’t intend to ride  24.57 miles though. I probably will be regretting how sore I will be tomorrow either from legs or the seat itself.

Well I got to take a bunch of photos of the Brookings area checking out the scenery and anything I thought I was picture worthy. Well here are some photos of the Brooking’s area!

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Moved into Brookings and my apartment.

Well the title of this post says it all. I got moved all into my apartment yesterday with the help of my Mom, Dad, and Nick. I have taken some pictures to show off my apartment in case anybody is wondering what it looks like. The apartment that I am renting is Moriarty Rentals here in Brookings and isn’t too bad. The neighbors around me are fairly quite and during the day I can hear them walking on the floor above me so it feels or at least sounds like the dorms back at ISU. My apartment that I got is studio apartment which will work nicely since I will be traveling and I really don’t need a whole lot of space anyways. Well here are some photos that I have taken off my phone of my studio.

Well those are the photos of my apartment. This apartment is basically as big as my dorm room at Iowa State University surprisingly. The big room maybe 5 feet longer than my dorm but still is big especially just for one person.

Well I hope to go around later this afternoon and check out Brookings on my bicycle and get a better feel for the town instead of going out for a car ride. I will try to post some pictures of town later this afternoon or tomorrow. Have a great day everybody.

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My First Post This Summer!

First of all — Happy summer to you all!

Well I wanted to say thank you for getting this far and if you have found this blog either by mistake or from someone letting you know about it. I hope through blogging to give you some more information about what I will be doing  this summer and this coming fall about my whereabouts.. This summer I have an internship/coop working for Daktronics Inc. which is a company that produces amazing score boards and signage products through the use of tiny LEDs. I thought I would try to let you know some of the journey working for them but more so to keep you in the loop of where I am at since with my internship  I could be anywhere in the United States. Depending on company policies that I will be finding out next week, I probably will not be posting anything on what I am actually doing for them but it will be more like when I start traveling of where I am at and the sights and sounds I will be seeing along the way.

Well I will try to put up some more post in a couple days once I get situated in Brookings, SD. In the mean time for those of you who know me, you are always more than welcome to call me or send me a text.

Here is to the start of something new and exciting.

FYI – for future post readings. I apologize for grammar and spelling mistakes you might see in other posts from me. I will try to have the most grammatically correct posts when I am in front of the computer but otherwise that might not be the case when I am using my phone to make posts. This is something completely new I am going to give a try and I will try my best for your enjoyment  to make the posts the best they can be. Thank you so much for all your support for reading these posts!

— Eric State