I am a student at Iowa State University. I hope that I can finish up there with a bachelors degree and we will go from there if I need a masters or not. Before I started going to Iowa State I was a student of Ellsworth Community College. While in attendance at Ellsworth I obtained a AA degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I graduated from Ellsworth in 2010 with honors as Phi Theta Kappa Student.

With my previous education I hope to share various projects from high school to college to develop an online portfolio. Any project or work that is posted on here is the original work of Eric State and anybody who he has collaborated with on any of the projects. Any assignments assigned or displayed are also the property of the Professor or Teacher of the respectful class.

English 314 – Technical Communications: 2011 S

MIS 330 – Introduction to Management Information Systems: 2011 F

Engineering Admissions Partnership Program

MIS 432 – Computer Systems Analysis and Design

MIS 433 – Database Management Systems

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