Back at School!

What can I say…. Things have been going great here at Iowa State after taking a semester off for my internship opportunity. Right now I’m taking the last of my 24 credits as a senior in Management Information Systems. Depending on how you look at it, I consider myself lucky because the last of my credits are all major credits and classes that I’m really interested in and are for my major only.

After taking last semester off I got a taste of what the real world is like and to be honest, I loved a lot. I feel that those experiences are helping me a lot with my school work and I feel that I am able to balance school and work easier than before. Right now I am enjoying my new job here on campus and it has been teaching me a lot more about what actual game day production is like and how to use the equipment that I got to see on my internship.

Lots of things have started to come my way and  are getting a little stressful in the process. I am ready, and I have been making lists to get things accomplished like updating my  blog before the upcoming career fair. Honestly as of today, I have not researched into any positions but I plan to follow up with some companies that I talked to last semester I was here. I hope I can find another internship with another company this summer and prove to them that I can be what they need me to be. I guess we will see next Tuesday night at the MIS pre-career fair and Wednesday at the College of Business and LAS career fair.

Well I wish you all the best of luck and thanks for reading.