ISU Cyber Defense Competition – 2013

I was a participating member in the ISU Cyber Defense Competition in 2013. Our team name was Honey Badger and my role was to set up our cloud server which was Own Cloud. I was responsible for protecting, and keeping this service operational. I was also involved with the other services as I could help and document throughout the competition. If my memory serves me right we came in 4 place. Although, for the majority of the competition we were in first place.

Documentation from the ISU Cyber Defense Competition

  1. ISUCDC13 Remote SetupPS_1064_HONEY_BADGER
  2. ISUCDC13 Rules
  3. ISUCDC13 Scenario
  4. ISUCDC13 Scoring
  5. ISUCDC13 Setup_Phase_Network_Topology
  6. ownCloud Instructions (created by myself)
  7. User Logins
  8. ISUCDC13 Competition Ranges
  9. ISU CDC 2013 – Team 14 Notes
  10. Team 14 – Green Team Documentation
  11. Team 14 – White Team Documentation

Network Topology (click to make larger) (created by me)
Honey Badger Network Diagram





First ISU CDC Competition – Photo credit to the ISU Daily Newspaper