MIS 330

The role of information technology in organizations. Overview of methodologies for design and development of systems including decision support systems, expert systems, data bases, end-user computing, etc. Computer applications relate concepts to practice. Lecture and laboratory work emphasizes the enabling role of IT in contemporary organizations.

This was an extra credit project my friend and I picked up while we were in MIS 330. Fred, our professor, wanted a video on how to fill out a bubble sheet correctly. This was our version. Thanks also to Bekah for helping me with it.


These were for another extra credit opportunity. All of these logos were put into a drawing if you want to say, and the top were chose out of all of them. I think if I remember right we figured he had around 1000 logos all together with this opportunity. With two of mine I made the top twenty and earned almost 200 extra credit points for that. Definitely a fun way to show my creative side.

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