MIS 432 – Computer Systems Analysis and Design

MIS 432 is the critical analysis of business processes, data and process modeling, feasibility studies, CASE tools, and developing system design specifications.

This class gave a good basis in what it takes to design a system. Our professor was Joey F. George, which was his first year teaching at Iowa State. He was a great professor in the amount of knowledge he gave to us students. Dr. George has been a professor of MIS since 1986. He has worked at four large state universities: U of Arizona, LSU, Florida State, and Iowa State University. His research is focused on teams/groups interacting with information technology; computer-based workplace monitoring; systems analysis and design; and deceptive computer-mediated communication. He is currently the DeVries Endowed Chair in Business & Professor of IS.

Our term project that I am excited to feature from this class that show off my hard work and understanding  is below: 

Pool Service Case – Case description put out by our professor. 

Design Critique – Group 8 – Nothing to do with the project but one part that should be considered when designing any sort of system.

Bobs Pool Service – Proposal to Bob for an ERP system that he needs and should implement

MIS 432 – PROTOTYPE – Our system that we came up with. Please click on the icon for Bob’s pool system when running it in presentation mode for PowerPoint. It should interact as a program would. The goal was to show off our design skills and to give thought on how an actual program would work. There is no functionality built in as this is just a prototype. 

Team 8 Final Group Presentation – Our final group presentation over Bob’s Pool Service that uses everything that I have linked to above. 

Overall grade in the class was an A-

All work is considered property of the students and professor involved with this project. Using this project for purposes of your own school work is considered plagiarism and you are only cheating yourself. Please do not copy.