Coming into the MIS438 course, it is expected that MIS students have 80% of the knowledge they need in order to develop an information system that addresses a business need. This course does require sufficient programming experience and independent spirit when it comes to learn new things. The course focuses on synthesizing and applying that knowledge with the ultimate goal of helping students transition to MIS professionals. Students will be challenged to synthesize their MIS knowledge in order to design, develop, test, evaluate and redesign an information system. MIS438 immerses students in a collaborative learning environment that encourages teamwork, critical thinking skills and sound problem solving. Students are challenged to collaborate with their teams while they use an iterative systems development process. The course focuses on the products teams deliver, the process teams employ, and a teams’ ability to support development decisions. Each student will assume a specific team role for which they will clearly define their responsibilities in that role. Each student will evaluate their teammates in each of their respective team roles. Through this course, students will have the opportunity to apply and refine their MIS knowledge, skills and abilities while developing an information system with a team of peers.


At the completion of this course, students will be able to:
 Integrate lessons learned from prior MIS and related classes into the live case study.
 Get a real-world experience on information systems development
 Enhance written and oral communication skills
 Enhance group case study teamwork skills.
 Strengthen integrative management analytical and problem-solving skills.


The web application we developed for Metro Arts is a dynamically driven application that enables teachers of the Des Moines area to find classes offered by Metro Arts artists and enroll in them. Prior to this application the enrollment process took a lot of time and valuable resources to complete.

  • Acted as Business Analyst Lead and was responsible for four business analysts.
  • Created workflow diagrams, BRD, Risk Management documents with the help of the business analyst team.
  • Kept in constant communication with the Project Manager, Lead Developer, and my team members.
  • Attended group activities outside of class to improve chemistry of the group.

List of Documents Prepared:

  1. BRD Diagrams
  2. BRD – FINAL Wireframes of Site
  3. MIS 438 Fall 2013 Syllabus
  4. Project Charter – Metro Art
  5. Informal Activity Diagram
  6. Instructions for the new portion of the MetroArts.org Website
  7. Context Diagram
  8. Project Charter Presentation

Website Flow Process (click to make larger)

MIS 438 New Process

Database Layout (click to make larger)

MIS 438 Database

Context Diagram (Inputs & Outputs) (click to make larger)

Context Diagram FINAL

Non Functional Requirements (click to make larger)