Moved into Brookings and my apartment.

Well the title of this post says it all. I got moved all into my apartment yesterday with the help of my Mom, Dad, and Nick. I have taken some pictures to show off my apartment in case anybody is wondering what it looks like. The apartment that I am renting is Moriarty Rentals here in Brookings and isn’t too bad. The neighbors around me are fairly quite and during the day I can hear them walking on the floor above me so it feels or at least sounds like the dorms back at ISU. My apartment that I got is studio apartment which will work nicely since I will be traveling and I really don’t need a whole lot of space anyways. Well here are some photos that I have taken off my phone of my studio.

Well those are the photos of my apartment. This apartment is basically as big as my dorm room at Iowa State University surprisingly. The big room maybe 5 feet longer than my dorm but still is big especially just for one person.

Well I hope to go around later this afternoon and check out Brookings on my bicycle and get a better feel for the town instead of going out for a car ride. I will try to post some pictures of town later this afternoon or tomorrow. Have a great day everybody.