My First Post This Summer!

First of all — Happy summer to you all!

Well I wanted to say thank you for getting this far and if you have found this blog either by mistake or from someone letting you know about it. I hope through blogging to give you some more information about what I will be doing  this summer and this coming fall about my whereabouts.. This summer I have an internship/coop working for Daktronics Inc. which is a company that produces amazing score boards and signage products through the use of tiny LEDs. I thought I would try to let you know some of the journey working for them but more so to keep you in the loop of where I am at since with my internship  I could be anywhere in the United States. Depending on company policies that I will be finding out next week, I probably will not be posting anything on what I am actually doing for them but it will be more like when I start traveling of where I am at and the sights and sounds I will be seeing along the way.

Well I will try to put up some more post in a couple days once I get situated in Brookings, SD. In the mean time for those of you who know me, you are always more than welcome to call me or send me a text.

Here is to the start of something new and exciting.

FYI – for future post readings. I apologize for grammar and spelling mistakes you might see in other posts from me. I will try to have the most grammatically correct posts when I am in front of the computer but otherwise that might not be the case when I am using my phone to make posts. This is something completely new I am going to give a try and I will try my best for your enjoyment  to make the posts the best they can be. Thank you so much for all your support for reading these posts!

— Eric State

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