Sorry for not posting in a while

Hello everybody! Well, I apologize for not posting in while. Well I thought I would give everybody an update . I have had a great first week at Daktronics. They are a great company and the opportunities we get as an intern is almost better than any other internship that I have ever applied or interviewed for. Due to the requirements of the internship I really can’t post much about what I am doing or what my day-to-day doings are. Sorry for that everybody and that even includes you too, mom. If there is really anything else on Daktronics I can include is that  I have no regrets on applying and working for them and I am also very thankful that I got an opportunity to work for them.  They have some of the most friendly and helpful staff that I have ever met.

Well I hope you and families have a great up coming weekend as it is Memorial Day weekend. Please take time to honor your veterans and also to those who have past away and remember what they did for you and our country. Right now is a great time to be an American.